insurance clauses caraka mulia pialang asuransi


RETURNED SHIPMENTS CLAUSE This Policy of insurance is extended to cover, at Policy terms and conditions, shipments of returned goods which have not been delivered to the final consignee and which have been continuously covered hereunder, provided such goods remain in their original approved overseas packing and the Assured warrants to report all such shipments […]

insurance clauses caraka mulia pialang asuransi


REASONABLE DESPATCH CLAUSE If following damage to property insured, the Insured considers that resumption of its’ Business activity and/or the work of reinstating or replacing or repairing the Property Insured poses a threat to human life or safety and as a result the Insured delays commencement of all or part of the resumption and/or all […]

Marine Cargo Insurance

Asuransi Angkutan Barang (Produk Unggulan)

Asuransi Angkutan Barang (Produk Unggulan) Type Of Insurance : Marine Cargo Insurance Type Of Cargo : Export – Import – Domestic Land Transit and Inter Island Voyage : From Warehouse to Warehouse, all over the world, and/or within the territory of Republic of Indonesia, including transit and transshipment, with any land and sea connecting conveyance, […]

Institute Classification Clause 01/01/2001

INSTITUTE CLASSIFICATION CLAUSE 01/01/2001 QUALIFYING VESSELS 1. This insurance and the marine transit rates as agreed in the policy or open cover apply only to cargoes and/or interests carried by mechanically self-propelled vessels of steel construction classed with a Classification Society which is: 1.1 a Member or Associate Member of the International Association of Classification […]

Marine Cargo Insurance

Institute Cargo Clause “A” 1/1/82

INSTITUTE CARGO CLAUSES (A) (Revised CL 19) RISKS COVERED 1 This insurance covers all risks of loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured except as provided in Clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7 below. 2 This insurance covers general average and salvage charges, adjusted or determined according to the contract of affreightment and/or the […]