PT. PAKERIN PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia also known as PT. Pakerin is a leading manufacturer of industrial paper headquartered in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Since starting commercial production in 1980, the company has expanded its installed capacity from 15,000 tons per annum (tpa) to 700,000 tpa in 1998 and continually increased the […]


PT. BANK MANDIRI Tbk. Bank Mandiri adalah bank yang berkantor pusat di Jakarta, dan merupakan bank terbesar di Indonesia dalam hal aset, pinjaman, dan deposit. Baca Juga : Apakah Asuransi Itu ? Apa Pengertian Asuransi ? Apakah Tujuan dan Fungsi Asuransi Itu ? Apa itu Broker atau Pialang Asuransi ? Mengapa membeli Polis Asuransi melalui […]

PT. Bank Mandiri (Syariah)

PT. BANK  MANDIRI SYARIAH Bank Syariah Mandiri adalah lembaga perbankan di Indonesia. Bank ini berdiri pada 1955 dengan nama Bank Industri Nasional. Baca Juga : Apakah Asuransi Itu ? Apa Pengertian Asuransi ? Apakah Tujuan dan Fungsi Asuransi Itu ? Apa itu Broker atau Pialang Asuransi ? Mengapa membeli Polis Asuransi melalui Broker ? Apa […]

PT. OTTO Pharmaceuticals Industries

PT. OTTO Pharmaceuticals Industries PT OTTO Pharmaceutical Industries is part of Mensa Group; it is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company producing a variety of quality medicines with the aim to serve the people nationwide. OTTO was established on the 8th April 1963 in Bandung, West Java. In 1981, the ownership of the company was taken over […]

Royal Standard

Royal Standard Royal Standards Stationery Division The oldest division and also the biggest division within the Royal Standard Group. It has over two decades of valuable experience in both local and export market. The Division also invest in famous and leading European technology thus they are able to offer “High Quality Product at Low Cost” […]

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia is established in 1991, begun with supplying and manufacturing of Environmentally friendly Cleaning Chemical Products. PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia has socialized to industries realm about using an environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals as alternative of conventional cleaning chemical products that was dangerous for user and will occur the negative impact for […]

PT. Enviromate Technology International

PT. Enviromate Technology International ETIEstablished in 2003, PT Enviromate Technology International is focus in the natural gas infrastructure development, natural gas transportation, renewable energy and independent power producer. ETI offers engineering solutions with different business schemes such as Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), or Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT). Our engineering team is capable […]

PT. Pan Maritim Wira Prawitra

PT. Pan Maritim Wira Prawitra PT Pan Maritime Wira Pawitra was established on April 5, 1982 and became active at the following year in tanker and offshore shipping businesses. In 1994, PT Pan Maritime registered as the member of Indonesia National Ship-owners Association (INSA), and registered as a member of KADIN (Chamber of Commerce and […]

Shinta Group

Shinta Group Shinta Group began its journey in the late 1960’s on a humble note as a textile trading company. It has since become one of Indonesia’s leading textile groups, encompassing in its well diversified portfolio manufacturing, foreign exchange, international trading and contract engineering sectors. Its manufacturing operations comprise of vertically integrated production facilities for […]

PT. Perta Daya Gas

PT. Petra Daya Gas PT Perta Daya Gas for further will be typed as PT. PDG is a join venture company betwen PT Indonesia Power and PT Pertamina Gas. PDG was established on April 26th. The Share of each shareholder as the company owner consist of 65% (sixty five percent) for PT Pertamina Gas and […]