insurance clauses caraka mulia pialang asuransi



It is hereby noted and agreed that, this policy shall also cover the peril of subsidence, landslip or landslide except:
Subsidence, landslip or landslide caused by:
–    faulty construction of the building or structure
–    faulty design of the building or structure
–    soil damage due to human action
–    nuclear reaction.

Other Version :

Notwithstanding anything stated to the contrary, the policy shall subject to the Special Condition hereunder contained extend to include loss or damage to the property insured directly caused by :

Landslip and or subsidence whether caused by flood or otherwise. Provided always that all the Conditions of the Policy (except insofar as they may be hereby expressly varied) shall apply as if they had been incorporated herein and for the purposes hereof any loss or damage as aforesaid shall be deemed to be loss or damage by fire.

Special Conditions :

The liability of the Company in no cause under this endorsement and the policy exceed the sum insured by each item of the policy.
The property shall be maintained in good and substantial state of repair
The insurance under this endorsement does not cover :
the cost of repairing, cleaning or making good drains or water courses
consequential loss of any description
loss caused by earthquake
The Insured shall bear the first amount of US$ …… In respect of each and every claim.