Equipment All RIsks Insurance

Equipment All Risks Insurance

Equipment All Risks Insurance Asuransi ini memberikan jaminan terhadap : The Equipment All Risks policy covers loss of or damage to the mobile equipment, its accessories and spare parts such as photocopiers, office partitions, generators, forklifts, warehousing systems, production plants, excavators, tower cranes etc. against accidental lost of or damage whilst in the situation of […]

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Info Produk Asuransi Lainnya Produk Asuransi Kerugian sangat beragam, seperti misalnya : Advanced Loss of Profit, Automobile Liability Insurance, Aviation Hull & Liability Insurance, Bailees Warehousemens and Forwarders Liability Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance (Following Property All Risk or Machinery Breakdown or Earthquake), Civil Engineering Completed Risks Insurance, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Construction, Erection All Risk Insurance, including its Third Party […]