insurance clauses caraka mulia pialang asuransi



In case of any imminent or actual loss or misfortune, it shall be lawful and necessary to and for the assured, his or their factors, servant and assigns to sue, labor and travel for in and about the defense safeguard and recovery of the said goods and merchandise, or any part thereof without prejudice to his insurance, nor shall the acts of the assured or assurers. In covering, saving and preserving the property insured, in case of disaster, be Considered a waiver or an acceptance of abandonment; to the charges whereof the said assurers will contribute according to the rate and quantity of the sum herein insured.

Definition in Marine :

An ocean and inland marine insurance provision that requires the insured to protect damaged property from further loss once a loss has occurred. It also establishes that the expenses of doing so will be borne by the insurer and the insured “in proportion to their respective interests” in the property. Thus, the insurer will pay the full “sue and labor” costs if the amount of insurance is equal to or greater than the value of the property. Current property and marine forms usually contain a similar provision, but it is seldom labeled a sue and labor clause. Instead, it is typically included as one of the insured’s “Duties in the Event of Loss.” An example would be the temporary placement of a tarp over a damaged roof to mitigate further damage.

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