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Risks : IAR, FIRE

It is agreed that any loss or damage to the Insured Property arising during any one period of seventy two (72) consecutive hours, caused by windstorm tempest flood or earthquake shall be deemed as a single event and therefore to constitute one occurrence with regard to the Deductibles provided for herein, for the purposes of the foregoing the commencement of any such seventy two (72) hours period shall be decided at the discretion of the Insured it being understood and agreed, however, that there shall be no overlapping in any two or more such seventy two (72) hours period in the event of damage occurring over a more extended period of time.

All insured losses which occur during a period of 72 consecutive hours caused by:
a. Earthquake, earth tremor, seaquake, tidal wave or any other loss form seismic activity insured under this policy
b. Volcanic Eruption
c. Hurricane, typhoon, tornado, windstorm, wind driven water or wind peril insured under this policy
d. Flood
Shall be deemed a single loss occurrence for the purpose of this insurance.

Any such event which continues 72 consecutive hours shall be deemed two or more events.

The Insured may choose the date and time when each loss period of 72 hours shall commence provided that :
1. This is not earlier than the first recorded loss sustained by the Insured
2. The date of commencements falls within the period of insurance
3. No two or more period of 72 hours shall overlap.