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RSMD+CC Code 4.1A+CC

RSMD+CC Code 4.1A+CC

Risks : IAR

It is hereby agreed and declared that :
a) Notwithstanding anything contained in CHAPTER II-EXCEPTIONS, Item 1,3,1 of the Policy to the
contrary and subject to payment of additional premium, the Insurer agrees to extend this insurance
as provided in this endorsement
b) Notwithstanding anything which may be defined in any laws or regulations to the contrary, for the
purpose of this Endorsement, all terminology printed in italics shall be deemed to mean as defined
in item 4. DEFINITIONS of this endorsement.

This insurance shall extended to cover :
– Physical damage to the property and/or interest insured directly caused by one or more of the
following perils :
1.3.Locked-Out Workers
1.4.Malicious Acts
1.5.Civil Commotion,
1.6.Preventive Acts related only to perils 1.1 up to and including 1.5

– Physical loss of the Property and/or interest insured directly caused by :
1.7.Looting occurring during Riots and Civil Commotions

Provided that any of these perils does not develop in an uninterrupted chain of events into one or more of the excluded perils.


This extension does not cover all physical loss or damage to the property and/or interest insured including loss or damage by fire directly or directly caused by or contributed to by or arising from or in consequence of one or more of the following perils :
2.1. Insurrection/Popular Rising, Usurped Power, Revolution, Rebellion, Military Power, Invasion,
Civil War, War and Hostilities, Subversive Act, Looting (except Looting occurring during Riots
and/or Civil Commotion).

In any action, suit or other proceedings, where the Insurer alleges that loss or damage is directly
or indirectly caused by one or more of the excluded perils under this Section, the burden of
proof that such loss or damaged is covered shall be on the Insured.

2.2. Total or partial cessation of works, or retarding or interruption or cessation of any process or

2.3. Permanent or temporary dispossession resulting from confiscation, commandeering or
requisition by any lawfully constituted authority or body, or unlawful occupation by any any
person consequential loss.

2.4. Business interruption, or any kind of consequential loss (Subject to be deleted in respect of the
Business Interruption Cover).


As per Schedule.

Notwithstanding anything which may be defined in any laws or requlations to the contrary, for the
purpose of this policy, all terminology printed in italics shall be defined as follows :

4.1. Riots is an act of a group of at least 12 (twelve) persons who in the execution of their
common purpose cause public disturbance tumultuously with violence and damage
to the property of others, not amounting to Civil Commotion.
4.2. Strikes is deliberate acts of damage, by a group of workers of at least 12 (twelve)
persons or one half of the entire workforce (if the total number of workforce is less than
24 (twenty Four) persons, refusing to work as usual in an attempt to force the employer
to accept their demands or to protest against any terms of employment enforced by the
4.3. Locked-Out Workers is a deliberate act of damage, by a group or workers of at least 12
(twelve) persons or one half of the entire workplace (if the total number of workplace is
less than 24 (twenty Four) persons, to protest againts the termination or suspension
of a fellow employee by the employer.
4.4. Malicious Acts is an act of any person(s) deliberately causing damage to the property
of others driven by vengeance, hatred, anger or vandalistic, except such acts done by
the employee(s) of the Insured, or any person(s) on behalf of the Insured, or by any
person(s) entrusted by the Insured to maintain or keep such property, or by
4.5. Preventive Acts is an act of lawfully constituted authority in an attempt to prevent or
suppress the occurrence of any insured perils or to minimize the consequences of
any such perils.
4.6. Civil Commotions is an act of a large number of people acting together disrupting
public peace and disturbance tumultuously wiith violence and a chain of destruction
of a large number of properties, indicated by cessation of more than one half of the
normal activity of commercial/shopping or business areas or schools or public
transportation in one city for at least 24 (twenty four) hours consecutively commencing
immediately before, during or after the event.
4.7. Insurrection/Popular Rising is inter alia an uprising of a large number of the people
in the capital city of the country, or in three or more capital cities of the provinces within
12 (twelve) days, demanding a change in the government, or engage in open resistance
against the government that such uprising does not amount to a Rebellion or Revolution.
For the purpose of this definition the term “a large number of people” shall mean an
amount of people equivalent to a significant proportion of the population of the city in
which such uprising occurs, whether or not these people are ordinarily resident in
that city.
4.8. Usurped Power is a situation where the established order has been overthrown and
replaced by some illegal authority which is in a position to lay down rules of conduct
and also ensure that the rules are obeyed.
4.9.Revolution is an uprising of the people with force to make a radical change to the current
public administration system of the country or to overthrow the established government
de jure and de facto, not amounting to a Rebellion.
4.10. Rebellion is a state of organized resistance against the established authority with the
object of supplanting or overthrowing it with the use of force which threatens the existence
of such authority.
4.11. Military Power is an act by a group of home or foreign armed forces personnel consisting
of at least 30 (thirty) persons using force with the intention to overthrow the established
authority or to cause public disorder and disturbance.
4.12. Invasion is an act by the military power of one country to penetrate or invade the territory
of another with the object of permanently or temporarily occupying and taking control over
such territory.
4.13. Civil War is an armed conflict between regions or political factions within the territorial
limits of a country with the object of gaining legitimate power.
4.14. War and Hostilities is a widespread armed conflict (whether or not war has been declared)
or a warlike situation between two or more countries, including military exercises of a
country or joint-military exercises between countries.
4.15. Subversive Acts is an act by any persons on behalf of or in connection with any organisation
with activities directed towards the overthrow by force of the government “de jure” or “de
facto”, or to the influencing of it by Terrorism or Sabotage or violence.
4.16. Looting is the appropriation of property belonging to another by any person (excluding those
employed by r under the control of the Insured) with the intention of permanently depriving that
other of it.


This insurance may be terminated at any time at th option of the insurer on written notice that effect being given to th Insured. The termination shall be effective at nood on the 3rd (third) day after receipt of such notice by the Insured. The Insured shall be liabl to repay on demand a rateable proportion of the premium for the un-expired term from the date the termination is effective.