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Professional Accountant Clause

Professional Accountant Clause

Risks : BI

Any particulars or details contained in the Insured’s books account or other business books or documents which may be required by the Company for the purpose of investigation or verifying any claim hereunder may be produced by professional accountants if at the time they are regularly acting as such for the Insured and their report shall be prima facie evidence at the particular and details to which such report relates.

The insurer will pay to the Insured the reasonable charges payable by the Insured to their professional accountants for producing such particulars or details or any other proofs, information or evidence as may be required by the Insurer under the terms of Claims Condition of this policy and reporting that such particulars or details are in accordance with the Insured’s books of accounts or other business books or documents.

Provided that the Sum of the amount payable under this clause and the amount otherwise payable under the policy shall in no case exceed the liability of the Insurer as stated.

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