MR-112 Special Cond Concerning Fire Fighting facilities and fire safety on construction sites

MR-112 Special Cond Concerning Fire Fighting

MR-112 Special Cond Concerning Fire Fighting facilities and fire safety on construction sites

Endorsement 112

Special conditions concerning fire-fighting facilities and fire safety on construction sites

It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to the terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions contained in the Policy or endorsed thereon, the Insurers shall only indemnify the Insured for loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from fire or explosion, provided always that

1. with regard to the progress of work adequate fire-fighting equipment and sufficient extinguishing agents are available and operative at all times.

Fully operative wet riser hydrants are installed up to one level below the highest current work level and are sealed by temporary end caps;

2. the cabinets containing hose reels and portable fire extinguishers are inspected at regular intervals but at least twice a week;

3. fire compartments as required by local regulations are installed as soon as possible after the removal of formwork.

Openings for lift shafts, service ducts and other voids are provisionally closed as soon as possible but not later than at the commencement of fit-out work;

4. waste material is removed regularly. All floors undergoing fit-out are cleared of combustible waste at the end of each working day;

5. a “permit to work” system is implemented for all contractors engaged in “hot work” of any kind such as but not limited to

– grinding, cutting or welding operations,

– use of blow lamps and torches,
– application of hot bitumen,

or any other heat-producing operation.

“Hot work” is carried out only in the presence of at least one worker equipped with a fire extinguisher and trained in fire-fighting.

The area of any “hot work” is examined one hour after the work has finished;

6. storage of material for the construction or erection shall be subdivided into storage units not exceeding the value stated below per storage unit. The individual storage units shall be either at least 50 m apart or separated by fire-proof walls.

All flammable material and especially all flammable liquids and gases shall be stored at a sufficiently large distance from the property under construction or erection and any hot work;

7. a Site Safety Coordinator is appointed.

A reliable fire alarm system is installed and whenever possible a direct communication link maintained with the nearest fire brigade.

A Fire Protection Plan and a Site Fire Action Plan are implemented and updated regularly.

The contractor’s personnel are trained in fire-fighting and fire-fighting drills carried out weekly.

The nearest fire brigade is familiarized with the site and immediate access maintained for it at all times;

8. the site is fenced off and access controlled.

Value per storage unit:

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MR-112 Special Cond Concerning Fire Fighting facilities and fire safety on construction sites

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Bagian I : Kerusakan Bangunan Proyek (Material Damage)
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Bagian III : Kehilangan Keuntungan (Advance Loss of Profit)

Kerugian atau kerusakan yang dijamin adalah bersifat tiba-tiba, tak terduga atau terjadi di lokasi pembangunan (site) selama masa pembangunan (masa pertanggungan).

Asuransi ini memberikan jaminan keuangan bagi tertanggung agar usaha mereka tidak terganggu walaupun terjadi suatu kerusakan/kerugian atas obyek pertanggungan.

Tertanggung mendapat jaminan bahwa pekerjaannya dapat terus dijalankan walaupun mengalami suatu kerugian dan jangka waktu kerugian dapat diperpendek serta cadangan biaya yang telah disediakan tertanggung untuk menanggulangi kerugian yang dapat diperkecil.

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