insurance clauses caraka mulia pialang asuransi

EPI 48 Piling

EPI 48 Piling
It is agreed that in Section 1, Material Damage the following is added to Exclusions to Section 1:
Insurers will not indemnify the Insured in respect of:
(a) any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to foundation piles and/or casings and/or sheet pile constructions which are:
(i) misplaced and/or misaligned;
(ii) lost during driving and/or extraction;
(iii) the subject of individual or block disconnection or declutching;
(b) the cost of repair, replacement, or rectification of piling work necessitated by leakage or infiltration of fluids or material at seams, joints, connections and/or beneath sheet pile constructions or into casings, unless such leakage or infiltration is a direct consequence of other Loss for which indemnity is provided by this Policy;
(c) any abandoned piling work, unless such abandonment is a direct consequence of other Loss for which indemnity is provided by this Policy;
(d) piles which have failed to pass a load test or attain the required bearing load, unless such failure is a direct consequence of other Loss for which indemnity is provided by this Policy.

ini termasuk salah satu klausula dalam Standard Wording Swiss-Re untuk Jenis Engineering Project Insurance. (EPI).

Polis-Polis Asuransi Rekayasa, juga yang beredar di pasar Asuransi Indonesia, umumnya menggunakan standar Polis dan Wording dariReasuransi Internasional yaitu format-format baku dari Reasuransi seperti Munich-re, Swiss-Re, London Engineering Group (LEG).

Oleh karenanya, penting bagi seluruh underwriter, praktisi asuransi dan para tenaga ahli perusahaan pialang asuransi mengenal tentang Jenis-jenis Wording dan klausula yang berlaku didalam Asuransi Rekayasa atau yang biasa disebut Engineering Insurance.

Jenis Polis yang termasuk dalam golongan kelompok Asuransi Rekayasa Intu Sendiri, adalah :
• Advanced Loss of Profits Insurance (ALoP) / Delay in StartUp (DSU)
• Aero Insurance
• Boiler & Machinery Insurance (Machinery Breakdown Insurance)
• Business Interruption Insurance (MLoP – Machinery Loss of Profit)
• Contractor’s All Risks Insurance
• Contingent Business Interruption Insurance (CBI)
• Comprehensive Engineering Completed Risks Insurance (CECR)
• Comprehensive Project Insurance (CPI)
• Construction Erection All Risks Insurance (CEAR)
• Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance (CPM)
• Deterioration of Stock Insurance
• Engineering Project Insurance (EPI)
• Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR)
• Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
• Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR)
• Third Party Liability Extension
• Dan seluruh klausula perluasan atau endorsement wording lainnya.

Data Standar polis, klausula dan ketentuan dan seluruh hal tentang asuransi rekayasa dapat diperoleh dengan mengklik TAUTAN INI.

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